Sales Definitions

-Prospects (or Names): A database of names or a list that you are marketing to, in which people have not responded positively yet.

-Leads: A lead is a prospect that has responded positively in some way to show their interest in what you have to offer, such as registering for a white paper or attending a webinar. 

Whether or not they are a high-quality lead isn’t the point – if they’ve registered for something, they are a lead.

-Opportunities: After someone has qualified a lead through email or the phone, and the lead meets your set of qualification criteria, it becomes an opportunity.

-Clients or Customers: They have given you $$$$$$$$$$$

-Champions: A champion can be a client or non-client that has referred you business, offered a testimonial, or has actively supported you in any other way. Give them LOVE!!!

-Sales Development Rep (SDR): This is a Cold Calling 2.0 or “outbound” sales rep. Ideally they are specialized, just generating outbound leads. They neither close deals nor qualify inbound website leads.

-Outbound Sales Rep: Another term for SDR

-Account Executive (AE):The f*cking closer!! A quota-carrying salesperson, whether they are an inside sales rep or in the field. 

-Account Manager (AM):Sales Executive focused on managing an existing book of business •Focused on relationship building and upselling. The Account Man.

-Market Response Rep (MRR)•Also called “Inbound SDR”. An inside salesperson who only qualifies leads coming in from a website.

-Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Software (or internet-based service) that helps business owners and sales professionals manage their sales pipeline, tracking prospects and related conversation throughout the sales cycle.

-In Funnel Ping (IFP): A nudge based email used for qualified opportunities currently in the funnel.

-CREAM:Cash Rules Everything Around Mean.